UPDATE: Nomifactory (GTCEu port) v1.5


Nomifactory (GTCEu port) Server :
The pack has been updated to version 1.5 (from 1.4.3)

Please keep in mind that with this update comes a massive overhaul to the GregTech Community Edition Unofficial tools. This means that all existing GregTech tools had to be removed. You will need to craft new ones. In some cases these tools are worse than before.
In order to help ease this transition, especially for new players, I have created a new section of the Quest Book titled Valhalla Tool Replacements. Within this section you will find a handful of checkbox tasks that you can complete to get a complimentary set of the basic GregTech tools, in shiny pink TITANIUM!
Keep in mind that this is a one time gift, to help you be able to craft new tools. The exception to the one time rule is for the mining hammers. In order to help new players and to make up for the significantly reduced durability of the starting Diamond Mining Hammers, the gift quest for Mining Hammers may be completed once every 24 hours. (This is subject to change if staff desires)
Please keep in mind that this quest line will be removed with the next Nomifactory GTCEu patch.
As usual please direct any questions or problems to #support and we’d be happy to assist.

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