Walking Through A Job for the Mage – Flashback Edition


Modpack Author: fungidelight
Origin: Modpack Link
Versions: MC = 1.12.2 – Pack = 2.2.0

It’s the beginning of a new adventure, and this time we’re going to delve into the A Job for the Mage modpack. This pack is about fulfilling tasks for our magic school, following an interesting storyline.

Now then, there are many worlds to discover as we become a master of our craft! Let’s hop into the portal and leave school to settle on our own.

This was an old post that was lost when the previous blog was shut down. By miracle it was salvaged through archives, but all the images were lost. All the quotes were supposed to be under a corresponding screenshot of the game. Enjoy this piece of history!

Is fighting eldritch monsters part of our classes?

Starting Off

Coming out of the portal, it seemed like I was lost in wilderness with trees and flowers spreading out of sight.

I could swear that goat is staring at me…

With a better environment in mind for settling a home, I set off in the wilds foraging some resources. After a while, I found a village just at the junction of a river and the sea, perfect! Slightly in the distance, there was a ruined house on a small island and as night came down, I started rebuilding.

What’s that in the distance? Maybe I should check it out.

Lured in by a strange portal in front of my soon-to-be home, I made the mistake of walking into it. What awaited me inside was a land of darkness full of horrors. I had to run for my life, barely having time to scrounge a few resources.

After a full day, the portal to salvation appeared.

I was finally out of the nightmare, and ran to my home, safe. In the coming days, while rebuilding I also gathered some resources going mining to trade with the villagers. With emeralds, I could trade for some basic chickens and monsters seeds, quite useful to start producing materials.

Receiving my orders from the school teachers, business is starting!

I was told to open my own mining dimension to gather a lot efficiently. And efficient it was, I got so much I could buy rare chickens and have leftover emeralds. I even was able to make myself a magic broom to fly in the air!

Things were picking up fast.

I started making a wheat farm to make some coops and begin the chicken business. I also got eaten by a shark at some point, foolish as I was. Though it was a minor setback and things were flourishing.

Home sweet home.

Dimensions and Energy Conversion

Then I obtained my transmutation table, and things became serious. It was time to produce EMC and get preparations ready for what was to come. But again, I made a grave mistake; I entered the Nether through a cake with no means of going back.

After a week of flying around, I finally gathered enough obsidian to leave. Never again…

Out of hell, to a freezing hell, I was so far away from my cozy home… but thankfully I found a village soon after and could warp back. I could continue on my chicken endeavors, as I had only the basic ones and forgot about the colored ones. I built a trap and put some bait, not too soon after I got a normal egg and could start breeding intensively.

While the chickens breed, the mage studies hard.

Apparently my teachers were getting concerned by a sort of menace, so they sent me to check on various minor dimensions, but the only thing they did yield was more ash to make a phoenix egg. Next was defeating the wither, he’s a bad guy so surely must’ve been involved? Not a chance, but his remains allowed me to make a stronger armor.

Meanwhile the chickens got an EMC upgrade.

After that I was sent to a candy dimension to gather samples, though I have a sneaking suspicion this was not related to the threat at hand. While they were busy, I created this giant crafting table I was researching earlier and fended off a dungeon for EMC value.

Due to the high cost of my research, I started making a more intensive EMC production.

I had to figure out a way to make it even faster, so I resorted to surnatural means and built pedestals to put time clocks on and speed the processes. It ended up more efficient than I thought, and finally obtained the long awaited Terrasteel chickens. It was time to go to the next step.

A world of endless possibilities now in my grasp.

Beyond Mortal Means

My newfound knowledge made me access undiscovered heights and I made my EMC production go through the roof using bonsai flowers. It was time to delve into flower matters as I was told a creature named the Guardian of Gaia could be the threat.

Though in the end it proved itself no worthy foe.

I was then directed to the End, the dragon living there potentially being the source. But it was a fluke once again, even though it helped me reaching the end of my research as I obtained the final star and could now make and duplicate anything.

Already time for retirement? Sipping in the sunset…

I grew bored of my vacation and thankfully got called back; they had new leads. I entered the Twilight Forest and wiped out everything hoping to find the source but with no results. I repeated that in many more dimensions, slaying giant insects, sun avatars, undead pharaohs and even found myself exploring the land of dreams and nightmares.

The time of revenge had come.

As I kept finding nothing, I had to go further and further into dangerous places. I went in the Betweenlands to fight an abomination then a strange floating sphere. At that point, I got recalled as it was time for pretty dangerous research on that last lead. I was to delve into dark arts.

Power comes at a price…

I went through the many Abyssal dimensions and managed to defeat an avatar of my dark arts teacher. But it was still not the threat! What could be the cause of this warp? My (other) teachers had to reunite and discuss the next step over a copious meal… that I had to furnish. Not that I was inconvenienced since I could create all matter from nothing, almost…

A powerful mage able to bring down behemoths, reduced to jumping on grapes.

The Final Threats

After this moment of intense talking, they had one last lead; I was the one who had caused this warp during my classes, where I accidently gave some ender feed to a chicken. Creating an abomination that I had to put down, so I went into my mining dimension for safety and summoned it. Despite the sword of the cosmos being inefficient, I had no shortage of means and made quick work of it.

Fixing the mistakes of my past.

But then, the true culprit appeared; it was my astrology teacher who had purposely swapped the food to make me fail my classes! Meanwhile my dark arts teacher had schemed to obtain the powers of the ender chicken. To no avail as I made as quick work of it as the previous one… the day was finally saved after the teacher fled into another dimension as a frog since it couldn’t get squashed.

Looking scarier, but nothing can pass through my barrier!

Well-Deserved Promotion

While in the end, it did not prove to be too hard of a task, it was still a fun little adventure. Once again time magic proves to be the strongest weapon for a mage! I will now delve deeper into more complex studies…

And with this, I write my last words in this journal with hopes that whoever reads it can gain some insight about it! It is time for me to close this chapter of my story and open a new one – orian34

With all my contributions, I was asked to teach the dark arts in the now vacant seat. Time to go back.

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