Walking Through Amnesia – Flashback Edition


Modpack Author: Kehaan
Origin: Modpack Link
Versions: MC = 1.12.2 – Pack = 1.0.9

It’s the beginning of a new adventure, and this time we’re going to delve into the Amnesia modpack! This pack is focused around recipes and loots being random, the player being struck by amnesia every 5 minutes.

I’ll be noting everything in this journal to make sure I don’t forget any of it, so buckle up because we’re going to… what was I saying again?

This was an old post that was lost when the previous blog was shut down. By miracle it was salvaged through archives, but all the images were lost. All the quotes were supposed to be under a corresponding screenshot of the game. Enjoy this piece of history, the very first post ever made!

I even forgot how the menu looked! Where do I start…

New Beginnings

I started by figuring out how to start, which was a good start, and that led me in a pretty inhospitable place, just at the feet of snowy mountains.

Welcome to the world of ???

A quick look around to survey the land informed me it was a tundra all over, and a crevice just in front of me. I then took a quick glance in my inventory to see only 2 items: a book, and a bed pet.

So this is my goal, huh? Better not forget about it!

I quickly understood that the bed pet would be very useful, and the book wouldn’t. Now that I knew what I had to aim for, I immediately started wandering around in the hopes of finding… something? Since all my knowledge was now meaningless, I wasn’t sure what I would even be searching for.

Completely not forgetting I had a bed pet, I hardly fought the night off!

After gathering a decent amount of supplies, most of them unusable but potentially useful for crafting, I finally decided it would be safer to build a base (and totally not because my inventory was filled to the brim).

I have this chest here, after so much effort! It was greatly needed…

Once again, barely surviving the night, I managed to finish up a frail looking hut and then tried to figure out the next step to advance. I started by trying to obtain some means of doing better crafts that would open my possibilities each amnesia. I also looked at my objectives and set myself reminders for most of the items I would need to frequently check in on if they had a lucky craft.

After a lot of effort, I managed to obtain a crafting station! This is the beginning of a new era!

Settling and Developing

Once I was able to access 3 by 3 crafts, it broadened my horizons by a lot and I even made a quantum quarry! Too bad I realized powering it would prove to be a hassle not worth the effort. During each intervals, I kept progressing a little, and managed to dwindle my list of goals as I obtained new things.

The biggest challenge of this pack being inventory management…

Due to my newfound space issues, I set as my priority to make an ME storage system in the hopes it would make my life easier. I even planted seeds, began setting up a tinker craft, obtained a stack of angelheart vials, surely it meant things were going well! Little did I know all of it would never be of use to me in the end. I soon gave up on the ME storage as well due to power supply issues.

All of this spaaaaaace!

Giving up on all the fancy tools, I started focusing on the essential things like my goals. I reached a new era when I obtained the uncrafting table, and it opened thrice as much opportunities! Shocking, I know right!!! In fact, I would desperately need nether stars to craft end game resources, and the ways to obtain a steady supply were looking scarce.

Sometimes, unraveling past memories can bring up treasures.

Once I knew how to obtain the hardest material, I was at the whims of fate to remember a favorable recipe. I decided it was finally time to go out and explore away! I found a small pirate ship not far from where I was, and it was a nice distraction until the next stroke of amnesia.

I even looted some epic hat after the fight, yarr!

Now that I was starting to explore, I would need to gain means of traveling but I had nowhere enough grid power to use my flying ring. At this moment, I had another stroke of genius, and figured that, if I couldn’t craft it, I could surely uncraft the dragon egg to use it on the mill I had obtained earlier!

There is no more place I can’t reach now!

Thanks to that, I flew randomly and found a nether portal pet in a cloud. How lucky, I was having troubles obtaining a lot of obsidian! With this I could easily hop in and out of there, I took a glance at the world of hell and left without another word. Once this was done, I could continue on my goals much more easily. I even tried my luck once and was rewarded with a lot of golden items!

Another dimension that went in a flash…

I was now fully geared up, so I decided it was time to try my luck on fighting the wither! For some reason he started flying high in the sky and that led me to purchasing him and ending the fight at the maximum height. After all this fighting, I had enough uncrafted nether stars to start making the end game materials.

The Time of Adventure

So few goals left, but how arduous!

Due to having to find an elder guardian and an evoker, I set off to different villages in the hopes of finding a cartographer. A lucky recipe made me obtain a lot of emeralds, so I could easily afford the costs. After a few more remaining materials obtained, and villages explored in the hope of a cartographer, I also went to find the end portal although I lacked enough eyes to open it.

Finally I could go on a journey to my last goals.

At the same time, I had finally enough to craft one of the 3 endgame items, the amnesia clock to see the time left between each amnesia. Surely it was going to be helpful when so far away! During my travels, I found a few oddities in the landscape, but they weren’t worth my time to stop. First was the underwater temple, which I found relatively easily… and realized I would need a way to actually stay underwater. Time to go back home!

Ship ashore is a bad omen…

At home, I obtained just enough eyes so I decided to go defeat the ender dragon first. Even without a bow (I gave up on it after figuring out how annoying it’d be to craft arrows) he went down quite easily, and thus I hopped back into the overworld and continued the adventure.

With a bucket and my sword, the elder did not linger.

All that was left was the woodland mansion housing the evoker. During my trip I saw strange obsidian towers that shouldn’t belond to this world… but it didn’t surprise me anymore. I raided the place which was several thousand meters away from my home, and again started the trip back. Only one place left to visit!

The final end game crafts which ended up useless to me.

It was finally time to enter the final dimension and bring an end to this madness! Immediately coming out of the portal, I found a naga courtyard and a lich tower, making quick work of them. Then it was the turn of the ice queen, the hydra and the ur-ghast. The biggest challenge would be to gather all the wools for the questing ram… did I think, at least. As I managed to do it, nothing happened, and to my dismay, I realized I was mistaken and only needed to kill it to begin with. Oh well.

Every great accomplishment needs a sacrifice!

At Journey’s End

During this experience, I would have learned a few things, but overall, most of my time was spent trying to remember better recipes. In fact that’s pretty much all you’ll ever do, so honestly it wasn’t really that fun.

And with this, I write my last words in this journal with hopes that whoever reads it can gain some insight about it! It is time for me to close this chapter of my story and open a new one – orian34

And thus, with my freshly obtained trophy, the curtains closed on this adventure.

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