Walking Through Exoria – Flashback Edition


Modpack Author: davqvist
Origin: Modpack Link
Versions: MC = 1.12.2 – Pack = 1.3.0c

It’s the beginning of a new adventure, and this time we’re going to delve into the Exoria modpack. This pack begins with us being exiled in a barren place full of ash, but not all hope is lost.

Coming out of the banishing portal, we will work on our redemption towards going back home.

This was an old post that was lost when the previous blog was shut down. By miracle it was salvaged through archives, but all the images were lost. All the quotes were supposed to be under a corresponding screenshot of the game. Enjoy this piece of history!

A long and arduous journey is waiting for us…


A one-way portal, a few tools and ash are our only starting resources. I swiftly explore around to scavenge scattered skeleton remains and gain a few more basic resources. With my starting tools, I can gather enough to trade for some dirt and saplings, and obtain wood. Using a chopping block to gain planks, I then am able to start crafting a few more advanced things.

Very basic storage, making way to processing wood for better uses.

Through the use of simple survival water filters, I begin to gather a heap of new resources, opening even more my possibilities. With this, I’m able to obtain grass and a slew of different seeds to grow later. Making more crafting stations such as basic furnace and crucible gives me the ability to get buckets and produce water on my own, thus a cobblestone generator is born.

Life always finds a way back in. It is our role to cultivate it.

With the garden well underway, food is no longer an issue. I make myself some stronger tools, and start exploring to find huts with magical runestones and items. At the same time, I managed to gather enough metals to craft a basic melting crucible and proceed into more complex components and machines.

All this ash suddenly gained more value as sieving became possible.

I built a life infusion shrine as well as a giant apiary to start cultivating fishes and bees. Meanwhile, I made contraptions using combustion and condensation to produce resources through alchemy. My small home is becoming larger as I dig inside the hill I settled in to make it all fit.

Sifting paid off, although I will need a lot more effort to obtain enough diamonds.

We Need to Go Deeper

Now that I did a breakthrough in progression, I am able to make myself much stronger tools, as well as open a portal to the underground of the planet. After some preparations, I set off into the dark and dangerous depths in search of more useful materials.

Setting up the core pump to obtain embers through the bedrock.

My expedition is fruitful, and I bring back many useful components, allowing me to build a coke oven and start working with embers. This will give me access to alloying metals, and some more convenience machines. I also install an exchange tablet to do alchemical crafting.

And from the egg came out all the other animals, thus perpetuating life.

A new portal was created, this one leading into the core, with a lot more resources and monsters. I did not linger much inside, and went back to start a cow farm and continue making new machines. The obtention of redstone will provide me with a lot of options, and I will start producing very basic power by running with rubber boots.

Steel being essential to make advanced machinery.

Inspired Engineering

I will begin with simple thermopiles and windmills for a low yet consistent power input. With this, I can start focusing on engineering projects and producing advanced components like redstone chipsets using lasers. Using those, I can inscribe circuits with acid and create complex machines that need power to function.

A trophy for the worthy. The cow layer was breached!

With the aid of the new machines, I am able to build a portal that will lead to a new planet with huge valleys of mist. It feels like a whole new world opened to me, but sadly fast enough it will become apparent that it will not yield many useful resources. Instead I go back in my ashen home and start meddling with miniaturization to create machine frames.

The power of technology is now mine! My spider sense is tingling.

All these advancements will allow me to set up a void ore miner tier 1 to start gathering resources even more easily, although power is now becoming an issue. So I start working towards it by making a basic solar panel, as well as automating a bit more my metal production as it’s all very costly.

Searching for oil, it’s time to get some real power going.

The industrial revolution is upon us! With my newly built pumpjack and distillation tower, I am getting some fuels that I can use to power up a diesel generator which in turn powers back the extraction machines. Power is no longer such an issue and my void miner can run at full power now.

Fully charged jetpack, the air is my domain!

Thanks to the now consistent oil processing, I can even create a side generator using gasoline and enderium turbines, increasing even more my power output. That will be greatly needed as more and more machine need to be functional. This will allow me to make plastic as well as easier resource production and automated farming.

Through this, I realized I was hitting a power bottleneck…

Power of the Stars

Using all I had obtained, I was able to create a knightslime portal leading into a moon, my world was finally expanding! In there, I could find strange marble ruins and crashed spaceships, it was time for me to combine both magic and technology to reach higher heights.

For all purposes when away from home, don’t forget your chunkloader!

Using the neon crystals found underground, I started making research on space technology. It required the use of a new power type called neon energy, thankfully it could easily be produced with basic means. After researching a whole lot I even figured out a way to directly convert redstone flux into it, making it a resource free power source.

A slightly cramped spaceship, but oops, I can’t produce the fuel yet. Time to switch gears.

My next step required to begin delving into star power and altar making. I found a good spot and could focus starlight into many useful creations, each night progressing further towards my goals. At the same time, I worked on genetical selection of bees to obtain crystals and upgrade my void miner. Sadly all this effort would be for naught as it would be incredibly inefficient and I would obtain enough of them through the miner when the bees weren’t even started producing anything.

Attuning to the best constellation, I can gain new insights and improve further…

Although it made me acknowledge my power issue, that I then permanently solved through a steam turbine with an absurd power output. With this I could permanently power an upgraded void miner, as well as all my machines and a mob factory. Thanks to this side project, I got enough time and was approaching the end of my star and space researches.

With magnetism no longer a mystery, my spaceship fuel would be soon ready.

I flew away and soon arrived on a new planet called Menelaus. It was an alien landscape and didn’t have much I had a use for, but I found metals into the gravel there which would prove essential. Thanks to those, I built several satellites and a launching station to send them collect data into space.

Meanwhile I had to dig using starlight to obtain hydrogen and oxygen to create rocket fuel.

The Long Way Home

After creating a few more costly machines, everything was set, I could finally send the satellites off to space. Through the use of a guidance computer, I could ensure my rocket would come back, but that required me to increase my chipset production. With this I would be able to set off a space station and prepare my travels.

Leaving to space, goodbye my sweet home!

Although it very quickly became apparent I couldn’t breathe, so I had to warp home and make a space suit. Once this was resolved, I could focus on researching new planets and warping my space station to their orbit. Each time the new planets would have new landscapes which had artifacts allowing me to find further locations and go to them.

The End, but not the end of my adventures.

After all these endeavors, I found my final goal: my home planet. I was eager to come back to my old home, but what was waiting for me was only ruins. Meteor rains had destroyed everything, not a single soul remained. Devastated, I reached the entrance of the portal room which had been the starting point of my exile.

In there I found the portal responsible for this, it was a door leading to a void dimension full of dangers.

After cultivating and gathering some of these void fruits, I was able to brew a potion that could give me access to the top of this dimension. I found strange houses, and in there were rare materials to summon a strong foe which gave me a star that would open a portal.

The time of revenge has come to the responsible of all this.

To reach the final opponent, I had to defeat the ones guarding the room, and it was no easy feat. The first ones asked me questions I couldn’t answer and erased all I had accumulated over this journey. Infuriated, I had to make use of the otherworldly power of the Internet to beat their impossible riddles.

Meanwhile the other one kept erasing my consciousness and I had to resort to godly powers to bypass him.

After dealing with all these troubles and erasures, I finally stepped in the final room. Sadly this time I was stuck in a loop where the boss would not allow me to proceed and even resisted godly erasure. I concentrated all my willpower into one flux empowered arrow and shot it right through the heart. After defeating some underlings, the fight was over, I had triumphed from the unfair odds and avenged my people!

Now all alone, but I would be able to rebuild my home anew.

An Endless Journey

It was quite a grueling exile that led only to more tragedy. The final parts of the journey were really rough, but it made me realize that the journey itself might matter more than to reach its end.

And with this, I write my last words in this journal with hopes that whoever reads it can gain some insight about it! It is time for me to close this chapter of my story and open a new one – orian34

The sun sets on an exhausted survivor. Yet now free to go anywhere.

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